The press conference panel was long. Like almost 9 people, maybe more. Mariane Pearl, Michael Winterbottom, Angelina Jolie, and Dan Futterman sat in the centre. Brad was way off at the left end if you were facing them directly.

Naturally, once the Q&A got going, once people did the perfunctory and respected Mariane with questions about her story, the personal questions started coming. On a few occasions, when a question was particularly intimate, Angelina would look over at Brad and giggle. For the most part, he took over in those situations, stepping in before she could open her mouth and start spilling as she’s want to do, and firmly redirecting his answer towards promoting the movie. She seemed to defer to him too, pausing so he could jump in before sitting back and listening intently.

Still…there were a few cute moments. Like when she talked about how they spent Sunday playing with the children, he was kinda smiling wistfully then seemed to catch himself and look down so as not to give anything away. And at the very end of the press conference, a journalist asked a question that was directed at both of them. She spoke first but when it was Brad’s turn, he was caught in a daze, and apologised by saying that he was “lost in the waft of her words – what’s her name over there”… clearly either daydreaming or just totally mesmerised by his lady. She giggled again.

And then it was time to go. Security sealed off the corridor so that they could walk out in peace. But they had to cross an archway in plain view of photographers who were complaining about having to shoot through the glass. At this point, I had returned to the press lounge, getting ready to plug in my lap top. The rest of the cast and Mariane crossed over first followed by Angelina. She walked a few steps before being held back. So she waited under an awning until Brad appeared, and then they walked arm in arm, his hand creeping towards her ass across the bridge down the steps on the other side. As they descended the stairs, they dropped their hands and linked fingers. He leaned down for a split second and sort of buried his head in her hair. I watched her squeeze his hand back and look back up at him with a lovey dovey face…and then the pappies started cursing because none of them could get a clear shot. But spite of photo opps and the contrivance, said it before and I"ll say it again, I buy what they"re selling. They sell it better than anyone else.

As for further plans in Cannes – word is they’re keeping it super low key. No chance of catching them tonight at Nikki Beach. But they’re here for a few days…will try my best.

PS. They all call her Angie. None of the cast members, when referring to her, ever call her Angelina. Even Mariane Pearl exclusively called her Angie. As of course does Brad. Funny thing is – she doesn’t look like an Angie to me…you?