This morning’s screening was for press only. And so the building was full of journalists, all of them congregating for a glimpse of the Brangelina phenomenon. The queue began early – there were reporters in line to get into the press room almost 3 hours ahead of time. So as the hour approached for their arrival, a frenetic energy started to build. Some of them even took out their digital cameras for personal photos which is weird considering in their profession, they see celebrities all the time. At the end of the session, half of them even crowded the dais to get autographs. Journalists seeking autographs – can you imagine!?!

But then again, these two pack a different punch. I remember at the Toronto International Film Festival, at the gala premiere of Babel, the hysteria coming from the crowd was almost dangerous. Like at any moment there was going to be surge. And at one point, when Brad was on the carpet and the fans were screaming, it did feel like the gates were going to yield resulting in pandemonium.

Today was a more controlled environment. Super tight security and it wasn’t open to the public. But even with the press corps, supposedly civilised on these occasions, there was a throbbing underneath – like peace on a precipice, with the cliff about to give away on a moment’s notice.

And there they were – in a holding room just before entering the conference, surrounded by her handlers.

I saw him first. He was taller than remembered and totally relaxed, in that easy way he holds his body, rockin’ a killer suit. Seriously, if Brad and Becks had a suit-off, I don’t know if I could pick a clear winner.

Brad looked well-rested and tanned and … hot. Even Dylan has mentioned it – macho Dylan who doesn’t make it a point of looking at a man that way has said “now that is a good looking guy.”

A couple minutes later, Angelina appeared. The first time I saw her she was laughing in his direction and immediately walked over to join him. They stood next to each other, she touched his arm in the same way I might touch my husband’s arm: familiar, affectionate, private. Two female journalists from the UK standing next to me started swooning.

So then they walked out for a brief photo opp before heading into the Q&A, Angelina before Brad. She waved, she smiled, she didn’t break stride, and she headed in in good spirits. I have to tell you, I was shocked. Because you always see her so sullen and then all of a sudden she’s all happy and cheerful and you’re not sure what to do with that, you know?

So is she skinny? Yes she is skinny. Very skinny. Especially her legs. Her legs are extremely thin. But does she ever glow. Seriously not much makeup, they were panning in tight on her during the conference, you could see every pore, and I’m telling you – she is crazy gorgessity. Didn’t like the hair but the bone structure is madness…especially those lips. And believe me, it didn’t go unnoticed. During the press conference, even when someone else was answering a question, the camera dudes wouldn’t come off of her – like they needed a nudge to remember what they were doing.

She was wearing a black skirt with a brown silk shirt – boring. And of course she had to throw in the kids thing. She and Mariane went on for a bit about Maddox and Adam, about bonding over motherhood. Eye roll. Through it all though she smiled a lot. More than you’d expect given all the photographs of her pursing her lips. Even later on when I was spying on them leaving the Palais, she was relaxed and spirited when some gushy lady came up to her and started yammering, actually gushing back a little and throwing her head back.

And then of course there’s the chemistry… details coming.