Total cheese…but I can’t help it. Am swept away. And it wasn’t even for me.

A little over the top of course but the Pitts have a message to convey, a conveniently timed f&ck you to the tabloids who insist their love is on the rocks. Au contraire, Brad Pitt is clearly in love with his baby mother, or at least wants you to believe it, and to show her, and us, he commissioned a love letter engraved in gold, enclosed in a gold envelope, delivered on the occasion of the couple’s triumphant trip to Cannes.

I find you in the morning sky, in the sound of children"s laughter, in the motion of every stirring wind.

I love you,

The “motion of every stirring wind”???

Brad Pitt can Rossum too!!!

The piece was made even more special with a portrait of Pax – clearly a memento to commemorate the addition of a 4th child to their family. And yet another indication contrary to published reports that Brad objected to the adoption.


No wonder she gave him back his Jungle Sex.