Seriously…what is with Angelina Jolie’s brother? Dude is missing the memo – clearly not looped in with the Pitt publicity machine or perhaps not as skilled as his sister and brother-in-law in the art of media manipulation. And if that’s the case, maybe it’s time to take him off the Team?

Because James Haven sucks at sympathy spinning. Sucks huge donkey ass every time he opens his mouth, this time is no different.

New interview with some tabloid, discussing Angelina Jolie’s pin thin frame:

"She exhausts herself and at the moment she has a very low resistance level because she misses our mother so much and just longs for her all the time”. Would have been fine if he had stopped there. Problem is, he kept going…

“Angie visited Ethiopia and it changed her life. When she’s there, there’s often no food for her and she goes without. She’s become used to periods of very little or no food so she has a much smaller appetite and a different attitude to it.”

In other words, Angelina Jolie is one with the malnourished – sympathy starvation, solidarity in starvation: if they can’t eat, she won’t eat. But do hungry Africans fly around the world in private jets all the time too?

Stupid, stupid, stupid…and totally ineffective. Better shut that sh-t up before Oscar time. James hurts more than he helps.