Works for me…

On the heels of last week’s media contract debacle getting in the way of overwhelmingly positive reviews for A Mighty Heart, check out Angelina Jolie on two occasions this weekend out and about with the famed Chosen One.

First a shopping excursion with big brother Maddox, next the two girls in both arms after lunch with Pax trailing behind even though there’s an assistant readily available. By the way, A Mighty Heart is due out in theatres this coming Friday, June 22nd.

Coincidence or conspiracy???

After all, who can resist the blonde haired, blue eyed genetic jackpot Shiloh Nouvel? Certainly not the media. Maybe not even the MiniVan Majority. Especially since Angelina has been widely criticised for not holding her youngest daughter, for being a preferential mother, trotting out her little one at this key juncture – on the off chance it wasn’t deliberate – certainly isn’t a bad move, particularly when the child is such a perfect hybrid of her two perfect parents.

She’s cute and chunky, non? Like I said, it’s obvious but when it looks this good, I buy what she sells.

But it’s Zahara that kills me. Miss Z full of personality.

From the new issue of Marie Claire with Angelina on the cover. She says Z has a “smart ass personality”, recounting a recent exchange:

“The other day, Z said to me, ‘I need a cookie.’ I said, ‘You need a cookie? You don’t need a cookie.’ She said, ‘Daddy gonna cry.’ Why is Daddy going to cry? ‘Daddy wants me to me to have a cookie.’”


It’s actually a great read, lovely lovely photos, and of course typical Angelina Jolie candour. She goes on a lot about Brad. Makes you wonder, when he finally sits down to an interview later on this year, will he be so forthcoming?

Pitt literary porn…hope so.