Maddox my love…look at that naughty face! Here are Angelina and the boys at France Marineland a few days ago, Pax tentatively feeding the big whale.

Sunday marked The Chosen One’s first birthday and while she continues to be closely guarded, speculation is beginning anew that the Pitts are arranging birthday party pictures to be released in the next few weeks around the time A Mighty Heart is released in theatres. Not slamdunk, will keep you posted.

Anticipation also building around a red carpet appearance in North America for both Oceans and Heart. One thing to walk the gauntlet at Cannes, entirely another with the feeding frenzy stateside, especially with the tabloids differing weekly on the Pitt state of the union. Should be interesting… particularly Us Weekly. Because if Brad and Angelina strike yet another deal with People, Janice Min will likely bring the hate even more hardcore than she has thus far. Can’t wait.