The Critics’ Choice nominations have just been announced. Unbroken in…Foxcatcher out. Angelina Jolie is on the list for Best Directors, Bennett Miller isn’t, and nothing for Steve Carell. Instead they went with Ralph Fiennes in Grand Budapest Hotel and David Oyelowo in Selma. I wonder if it’s because Carell can be a weird interview. The members of the Broadcast Film Critics Association are often on junket duty, week after week. They’ve established relationships with the stars. Also, their show is becoming a bigger and bigger television event. So… it does help to have camera-friendly celebrities there. Which is why the Critics’ Choice also offers categories like Best Action Movie. And Best Actors in Action Movies. That’s how they managed a nomination for Brad Pitt. And Tom Cruise. And Jennifer Lawrence. And Scarlett Johansson. And Chris Evans. They’re getting Channing Tatum there by nominating him in the comedy category. Basically they’re trying to represent as many movie stars as they can at a higher prestige rate than, say, the People’s Choice Awards. For our viewing pleasure, of course.

So while we won’t be getting a Brange-Aniston situation at the Gold Globes on January 11, four days later, if all of them show up, it’ll happen at Critics’ Choice. I’m in. Because if the Academy doesn’t lock on Unbroken, this might be our only chance all season for Triangle Gossip.

Click here to see the full list of Critics’ Choice nominations.

Attached – Tom Cruise in London this weekend after seeing Cats with Nicole Scherzinger. Is he recruiting at musicals now?