As I mentioned earlier, see the Brange post below, Angelina Jolie supposedly cut her eye at Anne Hathaway during Anne’s acceptance speech last night at Critics’ Choice.

The clip has hit YouTube.

Oh la!

La la la!

It’s the Bitch Face to end all Bitch Faces!!!

Like I’m surprised Annie’s still alive this morning!

Seriously Angelina couldn’t even pretend. She already has an Oscar and she couldn’t even pretend.


See below, watch for yourself. I’ve replayed it 3 times already. It’s making my life. And it really is the perfect template for Bitch Face. Makes Patrick Dempsey’s wife’s Bitch Face seem harmless by comparison. I’ll be practising all day.

Please please please Angie. Please more of the same on Sunday!

Angelina Bitch Face at Anne Hathaway

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