The Pitts went shopping for baby goods yesterday in Cannes and the whole town lost its sh-t. This is because the Chosen One Shiloh was brought down from her home in the clouds for a walk among mortals.

The paparazzi were well prepared. I received a text as I was leaving the junket that they were mobilising from their usual spots to congregate around the First Family, amused that they had decided on the busiest time of day and also the busiest day period to go “shopping”. Many businesses are closed here on Mondays and everyone storms Cannes.

But whatever their motivations… who the f*ck cares when it looks this good? Especially with a child who might be able to raise the dead?

At the very least she raises my arm!

We were walking back along dreaded Rue d’Antibes when the madness happened. Shouts and screams and random gawking fans not knowing who they were chasing giving chase anyway just because there was the air of a miracle in the air.

We were too hot to bother. But then I looked down at my arm and thought of my blog. I pointed my sling in the direction of the Chosen One, knowing that even at Her young age, Her reach would be great. At that moment a ray of light burst through the clouds warming my bandages. Laura said – ew, let’s go before you get sweaty and infect your stitches but I knew already that She had healed me.

When I came back to our flat later I took off my brace and sat before my laptop. My fingers reached the keys. They are still too weak to type but they reached the keys…

It has only been 3 days.

Praise Shiloh, ah-Jolie.