Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, Angelina Jolie is expected to grace the cover of Vogue just in time to support the 22 December release of The Good Shepherd directed by Robert DeNiro, co-starring Matt Damon, filmed when the Chosen One was conceived, in which she"s said to have an outside chance at another Supporting Actress nomination next year. In the latest issue of Newsweek, Annie explains that the shoot took place on an old airfield as selected by the subject, who arrived in her own plane for the session, followed the next day by Brad Pitt. She also mentions that Angelina was getting back in to form after pregnancy and was looking forward to bringing back her sexy and from what I hear, sexy is an understatement…not that that"s particularly profound, seeing as we"re talking about Angelina Jolie. Still, just got a tip that the photos are nothing short of spectacular, perhaps some of the best that have been taken of Jolie to date, with a new "softness and glow" nauseatingly attributed to her new family unit. Gag all you want, I"m just tellin" it as I hear it. Anyway, there were apparently a few shots so beautiful that Brad went bananas and depending on what makes it into the spread, I"m told he wants to keep a few for himself, with a promise that they will never be released, never to see the light of day. Now before you "Brangelina"s" start losing your sh*t and naming babies 4 and 5, let me just put it out there yet again that the Family has been pretty tightly sealed for months now, which is why Life & Style Weekly keeps talkin" out of its ass, which is why you won"t get any snippet of anything Pitt-related unless it"s sanctioned by THEM. In other words, take it with a grain of healthy, smutty skepticism and then by all means… gush away. Photo from Esquire 2004.