I wonder if he sees it like we do when it comes to her style. In the first picture attached check out Brad Pitt’s side-eye. Photo Assumption says he’s thinking “Bitch, what do I have to do to get you to let me dress you?”

I see Angelina Jolie like this and I want to hit something. Because, as we’ve all said, so many times, every f-cking day it seems lately, it doesn’t have to be like this. She has all the gifts. She could wear so many beautiful things. And she chooses to wear THIS.

With sleeve-gloves!!!

And, in keeping up with an ongoing trend, the worst hair ever.

Some of you have posited that it’s her nutrition issues that are to blame for her sh-tty hair. I think she has nutrition issues but I don’t think you can attribute them to her hair. I think her hair is bad because her taste is bad. Simply, the Jolie has total ass bad taste in clothes.

Shame. Because Brad has such great taste in clothes. And looks so good lately. He’ll no doubt look better than her at the Globes in January. Remember? She was nominated for The Tourist?

Even she had to laugh about it. According to US Weekly Angelina said she and Johnny Depp laughed when she heard about the Globe nod because she’s never been considered in the comedy category before. Or maybe she thinks it’s as absurd as everyone else with the exception of her Brangelunatics who, you can imagine, have been hitting me hard the last couple of days with my criticism of the HFPA for her nomination.

Apparently the reason we don’t understand the brilliance of The Tourist is because it’s a “French/Euro” film, and we are too ignorant over here in North America to appreciate it. I really, really love my inbox. But whatever, it’s not like I can complain too much.

We’re getting Pitt Porn to kick of award season. Pitt Porn is ALWAYS good for gossip.

Photos from Wenn.com and Splashnewsonline.com