The Second Coming took to the skies with mom the other day as Angelina Jolie piloted a small plane in Texas. Those things make me nervous – so small they look like toys.

Word is the Pitts have plunked down an offer on a house in Provence. Valued at $20 million, the couple have been interested for a while but are only bidding now because Brad has been granted permission to build some kind of motorbike circuit on the property.

Since their new acquisition is in France, speculation is growing more intense that it will be a Gallic Second Coming – apparently Angelina has had consultations with the American Hospital of Paris.

Meanwhile everyone is still waiting for that first interview, the one to confirm the confirmation of the confirmation that she is pregnant. Because people (the Brangelunatics) need to hear her confirm the confirmation of the confirmation! Sources say that Angelina is considering a pre-junket schedule as she may not be able to join the rest of the cast of Wanted to promote the film. Ann Curry, Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric, and Barbara Walters are all pulling each others tits off to score the Jolie coup.

Wouldn’t it be crazy if she confirmed the confirmation of the confirmation through Oprah? Oprah who is closely aligned with Jennifer Aniston? Oprah who’s doing this big ass, celebrity stocked new show about philanthropy with nary a word from arguably the most active celebrity philanthropist?

Just askin’…