Sean Penn and Heath Ledger were supposed to co-star in Terence Malick’s new feature Tree of Life. Brad Pitt has now stepped into the vacated role and shooting will start in Austin Texas like right now which isn"t the best timing. SXSW will kick off in 2 weeks - major paparazzi presence to begin with. Having them there will only increase the sh*t show.

Exclusive: Parents who send their kids to a local daycare received the following notice last week:

"For a short term period beginning in later February, a very high profile family will enroll their preschool children at our center. Over the next few weeks, you may notice extra security around the center. The security is for everyone"s safety. The family has asked that they be treated like everyone else...."

Parents were then asked not to photo or video the “family” in question.

Looks like Maddox, Pax, and Miss Zahara will be sampling the Texas school system and …. comparing it to the Lycee Francais?

Will keep you posted.

PS. Sean Penn AND Brad in a movie? Am intrigued.

Thanks “S”!

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