Brange family outing yesterday. Check them out all in line - Shiloh, Miss Zahara, Maddox, and Pax is in there somewhere - all getting ready to be lifted into the gondola. Pretty cute, non? But, ugh, what a f-cking headache. The logistics of herding around that many of them – I’d rather do squats for an hour. And I hate doing squats.

No doubt the Brange knows exactly the f-ckery that’s happening around the Chosen One’s attire and the accusations being tossed in the tabloids and by the MiniVan about Angelina’s attempt to turn her daughter into a lesbian. And obviously they don’t give a sh-t. Shiloh looks rather comfortable in her skull toque and striped shirt with a pair of cargo shorts and kicks....and if you look closely, there’s a holster on her hip. The Chosen One is laying down the law, motherf-ckers! According to Us Weekly, Shiloh chooses her own accessories. Like the time she walked around France on a shopping trip with a plastic sword. She dresses the way she wants to, just like her mum’s co-star in The Tourist.

Johnny Depp is in Japan promoting Alice in Wonderland which topped the box office for the 3rd week in a row, emphasising Johnny’s current popularity. And he is very popular in Japan, they keep paying for Johnny, which is why he always makes a point of going back. In the most delightfully eclectics outfits.

Photos from and YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/Junko Kimura/