Brange and all the children were at Currumbin Wildlife Park in Queensland yesterday. They were allowed access into an area that visitors are usually not permitted to visit. As you can see, Pax was quite taken with an orphaned joey. He didn’t seem to want to let it go. At that age, they always want to take it home with them. Justin Bieber probably would have insisted.

Lots of fun moments here. Angelina and Brad are clearly very tactile with their kids. Miss Zahara, as you can see, is leaning in for some affection. Both parents first, and then for some more indulgence from her mother. That doesn’t, however, seem to be the Chosen One Shiloh’s style. She’d rather drive the golf cart or run. “No running!” is something I always hear in public places when children are around. You remember when she was little? Duana pointed out that Angelina always had her hands around Shiloh’s wrists. She’s the wild one. And so tall. And with her very own sibling doppelganger in her little brother Knox. God the fights in that household must be the best – for a guest I mean, and not the parents.