We are really digusted with you at the Jolie and Brad forums, you are always criticizing them now when before you were relaly supportive. Why Lainey? Why are you being such a bitch? You are just repeating everything that Star is saying and everyone knows that your information is crap and you don"t even have good gossip anyway. Stop talking about your mother and your own life don"t you get it. We don"t care! This couple went to the world forum last week and tried to make positive changes in the world and all you can do call them media players when you should be congratulating them on showing the world that the caring needs to be extended beyond Hollywood. Shame on you lainey!! You should be ashamed of yourself for cutting them down, let your readers know the truth!! Dear Chloe, First, let me just say quickly - again - that contrary to what you"re hearing, I do not get much from Star Magazine. In fact, I think it"s the other way around. Hate to break it to you honey, but the Internet works much faster than print media. But Chloe, this moment is about you. As you asked, I"m putting it out there for the readers. And they can decide for themselves. Thanks for helping Brad and Angie get their message out. You are a true fan.