Got yelled at by several Brangelunatics the last few days for not posting about Angelina Jolie getting honourary damed by the Queen on Friday. Because I had laser eye surgery and then it was Thanksgiving in Canada. So that's a lesson for you all: nothing is more important than Brange - not your vision, not family, not holiday.

So anyway, because I know how Brangelunatics can get - wishing me death by fire and/or Ebola - here they are, the Brange, arriving in London the other night, Brad wearing a Maleficent t-shirt that they should put up for sale because I want it.

The entire family was there to watch the Queen recognise the Jolie for her humanitarian efforts. She wore a perfect-choice-for-the-occasion dove grey outfit. And look how it photographs too, better from the side, which is how you're shot when you meet Her Majesty. Don't tell me she didn't think that through.

My pompoms are waving for her. Is that enough enthusiasm?

Today, Brad was in New York, presumably for some promotion for Fury. It's scheduled to screen at the London Film Festival soon so this shouldn't be a long stop, maybe just enough time for a quick mentor session with Shia LaBeouf. Last time we checked in with George Clooney, he was in New York too. Conjure those pictures with me and maybe we'll see them tomorrow.