Angelina and Maddox in Austin yesterday where Hillary Clinton revived her presidential bid by winning both Texas and Ohio. Bitch is the new black! Amazingly enough, Angelina was not wearing black for a change.

Pink for Angelina? Highly unsual.

As you can see, the Second Coming has inflated Angie’s chest and restored the legendary beauty that’s been missing for many months. Her movie Wanted was scheduled for release this month and has now been pushed back to June. A very good sign.

June of course is prime blockbuster season. Which means the studio believes strongly in its box office potential. Early word is that she might even be on the junket sched, depending of course on the baby. Am also hearing that the Pitts have made so nice with Clint Eastwood, he just might champion her for an Oscar for his next picture. If Hilary Swank is any indication, when Clint campaigns, the Academy listens.

Trailer for Wanted...looks like there’s a hot love scene with James McAvoy. If you’ve seen Atonement and The Last King of Scotland, you’re well aware that he does love scenes with aplomb. And how.

Click here to view. Forget the car. I’m all over it when she slides knees forward with her arms out.

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