Fresh off her premiere last night, the Jolie was right back at it today with her first four children. Check out Maddox all gangsta with his fur hood. And Miss Zahara who couldn’t help but break bitchface to laugh with her sister the Chosen One who has apparently decided to style herself in the holiday spirit. Plus a sword. Cute, right?

Mother Jolie’s hair meanwhile continues to be a mystery to me. Have you see last night’s sh-t from the back???

Here. I’m attaching it for you first. Before the children.

That’s almost a busted weave.


My friend Lorella came up with a good theory this morning:

Jolie can never get her hair right because when the Triangle was created in Heaven, Aniston was allowed to have the prettiest hair. Jolie was allowed to have...everything else.

I suppose divine justice is one way to see it.

By the way – still no shots of Jolie and Depp together. The Brange did however go for dinner with Depp last night, staying out late. The photo embargo must be a personal policy, so as to avoid gossip and rumour mongering. You’d think they could make an exception when they’re in the same movie though, non?

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