If you’re new to the site and need a refresher on why and how and who and when… click here to get caught up. As I’ve told you repeatedly, the two are not friends. Furthermore, for whatever reason, Madonna does not appear to like Jolie, and she won’t hesitate to remind us of it in her very own passive aggressive fashion. On Oprah it was “I’ve never met Angelina Jolie” said with a barely perceptible but very there sneer. And then there’s this interesting excerpt from her interview with Time Magazine – thanks to Helen in Austin, TX for the heads up. Have a read: "Look, I could have joined the U.N. and become an ambassador and visited various countries and just kind of showed up and smiled and looked concerned. But that"s not getting to the root of the problem-and by the way, neither is building orphan care centers and giving people food and medicine. But it"s a start. I"m saving people"s lives. And whether I have earned the right to do it, or the respect of people who think I may not have the right to do it, is completely and utterly irrelevant. And in any event, no, I"m not interested in going in there like a dilettante and being an idiot and going "Ok, I"m going to build 10 orphanages and I"ll see you guys later!” Don’t even try to tell me it wasn’t directly at anyone in particular. Madonna is a lot of things but Madonna is NOT stupid. Madonna in fact is actually quite deliberate. You know exactly who she was talking about. Sigh. The road to MaddRoc is paved with drama… Ps. The road to Madd-Apple is still intact. Source