Skip to the next if you have no interest in hearing about my bee stung lips. Now I’ve gotten my fair share of hate mail but this one probably tops it all in anger level AND hilarity. As in The.Best.Ever. From Cindy: I saw you on mtv tonight you hypocrite bitch! All trashtalking about celebs and then look at your lips! I know you like Angelina Whorealie but you got lips to match too, how pathetic and you criticize Nicole kidman for the botox but then you get your lips done. You’re a piece of work Lainey! OK so in all fairness to Cindy – my lips WERE indeed complete f&ckin’ madness last night on MTV Live. But believe it or not, I haven’t had them done. You know what it’s called? It’s called LipFusion XL - an insane amount of collagen in a bottle. Expensive but clearly it works. And I’ve mentioned it before on the site , ironically enough in an article about Angelina Jolie. Anyway, I used the gloss over a lip liner yesterday and in real life, it’s really not that noticeable but Cindy is right because holy sh*t, when I watched myself, I could not take my eyes off my own lips. They were mesmerising. My own lips were like big pillows whispering “Come hither, we’re big and shiny”. I’m telling you – Lip Fusion XL. That sh*t is the sh*t. If you’re interested, I get mine in Vancouver at Kiss & Makeup . I believe it’s also available at their new online store - if not now then it will be soon. And if you get it, beware the tingle. For the first five minutes, it’s trippy. Then you just walk around like Angelina Jolie. As for all of you who’ve written about the shirt I was wearing on eTalk and on MTV Live yesterday, it’s another design from my latest tee obsession ERGE. Like I said before, step OFF from the Queen Bitch. It is mine.