Angelina Jolie followed up the Right Leg situation at the Oscars on Sunday night with a family outing that included Brad Pitt’s mother. The twins were trotted out for the occasion. Oh, and the paps were around. Funny that.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

As you’d expect, I took a lot of sh-t for sh-t disturbing yesterday in my Jolie Right Leg analysis article. Brange supporters were not embarrassed for Angelina’s leg Try. Instead, they insist that the Jolie Right Leg actually asserted its dominance over the awards themselves, creating its own conversation, and subsequently monopolising the entire situation.

It’s all about the Jolie and her leg right now. No one cares about The Artist.


She sacrificed herself to save the Oscars? She made herself the joke to save the Oscars?

It is endlessly fascinating to me how we manufacture our own truths.

The truth about Angelina right now though, that no one can dispute, is that she would look better if she put on some weight, right? Come on Brangelunatics, can we at least agree on that? It was too much on Sunday. Where it pinches at her elbows and under her shoulders, it was much too much.

And another truth about Angelina? Let’s end on one that’s a lot less alarming. Her children clearly adore her. Look at that smile on Viv’s face. This girl is already very, very good at the family business.