Many of you have asked about the bag and the book from last column and I"m too lazy to reply individually so if you don"t care, skip to the next. My beloved bag, as seen on Angelina Jolie"s shoulder, is a Tammi Lyn Hobo, I have the one with studs on the strap, VERY hot rock, and I bought it to reward myself (retail therapy really is the best kind) while the husband was away on a Coachella stag weekend. Instead of imagining him doing Goddess know what, I just took his credit card to Kiss & Makeup, felt SO much better afterwards and finding out Angie wears it was just a sweet bonus, you know? Also - the book I"m having a torrid affair with. Sorry, forgot to mention. And it"s actually 2 books. The first: 26A by Diana Evans, the most gorgeous, most original opening I"ve read in a long time, the kind of book you can only bear to read one chapter at a time instead of straight through nonstop because it"s too raw and too real. I love it so much I actually give it a hug before bed time every night. Pathetic, non? The second: Special Topics in Calamity Physics by Marisha Pessl. I picked it up only because the word "Calamity" caught my eye and you know my thing with "Karma Calamity", not that it has anything to do with that but quite the serendipitous find as I"m only halfway through but dreading the end, because then it will be over, and I soooo don"t want it to be - LOVE LOVE LOVE. Let me know what you think.