The Jolie was out today in Scotland on the grounds at their castle residence with four of her six children, Miss Zahara, The Chosen One, and the twins, and what appears to be a nanny who seems to get on quite well with Mother Brange. Angelina Jolie engaging in girl talk?

Observations from this set of photos:

-OMG is the Jolie actually wearing jeans???

-these children, they reach for their mother. To me that indicates that she is a present figure in their lives. It’s little bit gross though to have to point this out, especially since a mother being a present figure shouldn’t make the evening news. But where the Jolie is concerned, always being accused of something, they continuously question whether or not she really wants these children, or whether or not her enjoyment comes simply from adopting them.

-Knox, the boy twin, already has a really hilarious pout and bitchface. Apparently he has been denied something, and he’s giving his ma some serious cut-eye. Also his wellingtons are cracking me up

-With the exception of Vivienne who is clearly the daintiest of the lot, all of them are wearing wellies. Note however how f-cking massive they are on the Jolie in relation to her leg size. Like a 4 year old wearing an adult’s boot. And, like a 4 year old in adult boots, how does she have the strength to lift them off the ground?

-Shiloh must be having a bad day. She’s sucking her thumb and is clutching her blanket. How much do I love that her hair isn’t combed?

-do you think Zahara is bossy?

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