INF Daily just hit the motherload. These photos of the genetic jackpot, the Chosen One Shiloh, will sell… over and over and over again. For years. Because the world is obsessed with the Pitts non-ethnic child. Almost to the detriment of their other ones.

Miss Zahara is my favourite.

Here they are, the Pitts girls shopping in Monaco. I love Miss Zahara’s expression when she’s yawning – like she’s so over being photographed. As for the Chosen One – she really is a perfect blend of Brad and Angie, non?

Shiloh up close…

Looks like Jennifer Aniston in a bikini just got trumped.

Seriously... why go head to head against the Pitts? The Pitts play the best game. The Pitts will beat you every time.  These high quality photos were allowed. Trust.

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