A photo has been released from The Hollywood Reporter Women in Entertainment event that happened on Wednesday, right after the Sony email leaks revealed that Scott Rudin was talking sh-t about Angelina Jolie to Amy Pascal. The Jolie was there to present. I posted pictures from her appearance yesterday – click here to see.

Photo Assumption, our favourite game, is often unreliable. But in this case, whatever we photo assume is probably closer to accurate than usual.

Pascal looks like she’s pleading, a shamed supplicant. Angelina is leaning away slightly. She seems… disappointed, slightly disgusted, but not unmerciful either, not so unmerciful that she wouldn’t tolerate some intense grovelling. And then there’s the woman in the background, the representative of all Brangelunatics, with her arms crossed, ready to get huffy.

Please note though, this is NOT a paparazzi image.

This is the Associated Press. This photographer was not only officially credentialed to be in that room but also, given how the AP works, and especially how the AP works with the Brange (remember the Associated Press was the first to report on the Brange wedding), the photographer would not have been shooting, and at this proximity, so close to the subjects without their subjects’ approval. Without HER approval. Jolie knew that there was a camera there. She knew exactly that this moment was being documented. Which means that she would have wanted it to be documented, wanted it to be shared, wanted it to be seen, wanted it to be made clear that Amy Pascal is trying to make up with her, that she was willing to listen to her, but that she, Angelina Jolie, also still has that power over her.