That has to be the Brange Family Rule, right? You must be holding the hand of at least one other family member. Oh wait. Except for Maddox. Maddox is 10 now. He carries his own bag. And is apparently into elf hair. Maddox just needs to stay in the middle of the pack there while his brothers and sisters, all of them, so many of them, cluster around his parents.

That’s the group of 8, arriving in Tokyo where Brad Pitt will be promoting Moneyball. They were previously in Hungary while he continued to shoot World War Z. As you can see, his hair is approaching Tristan Ludlow length. You like it? Of course you do. Or, of course you don’t. These two don’t exactly inspire objectivity.

How much do I love that Pax is working the shades like his ma and pa? How much do I love that Miss Zahara and her brother Knox appear to be sharing some kind of inside joke? A lot!!! And the Chosen One, in a shirt that matches her big brother Maddox, and, also like Maddox, carrying a satchel that’s the size of her torso!? I like to think she mirrors him, worships him, and has her own sh-t she needs to schlep around. (Hand up, in Jolie’s face) Please don’t go in my bag, mom. It’s top secret.

SO MUCH FUN, right?

Like is there anyone in the world having more fun than a Brange kid?