Angie actually fashionable?


She was not the benevolent earth mother last night. No, it was a throwback to the badass. And when she tries, when Angelina Jolie puts even a half hearted attempt into looking good, there really is no one else.

That face. Her skin…

Brad took Angelina out for dinner on Saturday night and it was a precursor to last night’s Inglourious Basterds premiere – how she glowed with little makeup on a date with her man to an Italian restaurant on what’s supposed to be the luckiest day of the year. Click here to see.

For months now we’ve been forced to endure the comparisons…

Megan Fox is the newer, younger, sexier Angelina Jolie?


Face to face straight up, that’s not even a discussion.

Love the dress, love the shoes, love the darklined eyes, and especially love the lank wavy hair. The lankness is what makes it exactly the right tone. Like the hair was an afterthought because they were too busy f-cking and after they f-cked all she had to do was slip on her leather and throw on some lipgloss and she still brought the mad gorgessity.

They also brought their A game to sell.

Am told the Brange cranked it up and worked their magic, teasing photographers, signing for fans, a lot of ass rubbing, whispering, nuzzling – at one point he leaned in to say something to her then caught her ear in his mouth and gave it a yank. This is how you own a carpet.

And, naturally, he looked great too.

Few can leave the neck on a shirt open like that and not look like a greasy gangster.

Tuesday Happy Place?

I’m watching them in my head.

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