You know when professional athletes arrive at the arena and they’re required by the league to be dressed in business attire? It looks good. Really good. To see them walking in a group, sometimes with their headphones on, in their custom cut suits and their game faces on. I would rather this than athletes posing for underwear campaigns. The group suit shot will always be my favourite.

This is why Angelina Jolie did not wear a dress or big flood pants to the Global Summit To End Sexual Violence In Conflict today. Because Brad Pitt wore a suit. And William Hague wore a suit. And the three of them walking in together?

Come on. It’s badass. Those two movie stars just made that politician look like a badass spy. Hague could be the third wheel, their rookie protégé in the sequel as they bunker down in another warehouse. I’m telling you, OK? Mr & Mrs Smith is an UNDERRATED MOVIE.

As you can see, Brad looks hot, maybe the hottest he’s looked in a while. He was there because the Jolie spoke today and they sat next to each other for the other presentations and he had his hand on her thigh. Then they walked around arm in arm to check out the exhibits, knowing that photographers were there, knowing that they were being observed, and giving us these moments in exchange for our attention. Well, they have mine. SHE has mine. And yours? Click here to learn more about the Global Summit To End Sexual Violence In Conflict.