As promised, here are shots of the Brange arriving at the world premiere of Unbroken today in Sydney. Brad was previously in South Korea and Japan promoting Fury. Angelina, you’ll note, was in Malta directing By The Sea for most of the Fury promotion. They’ve managed though to arrange their schedules so that the push for Unbroken will happen when both of them can work the promotion together. Right now, of all the possible contenders, only Unbroken and Into The Woods remain unseen. So these next two weeks are critical. The film doesn’t open until Christmas. But it will likely be screened for all the boards and then the New York Film Critics Circle and the National Board of Review reveal their best lists at the beginning of December. That’s when it really takes off.

In other words, Brange has work to do. Because they called this an Oscar picture way, way, way, WAY before the Jolie had even finished editing it. With that kind of hype, it not only has to be good, but she’ll have to sell the sh-t out of it for it to meet expectations.

Wearing a strapless Gucci gown is a good start. And, as you can see, he dresses a lot better for her premieres than his own. Both spent time with fans outside the theatre, signing autographs and taking selfies, before posing stiffly on the red carpet, flanking the young stars of the film, like two parents protecting their novices. So far I’ve not yet seen any Pitt Porny pictures. Maybe they don’t want to blow their loads too early. There was a kiss during the fan greet though.