Last night was date night for the Brange in LA as they attended the opening night performance of God of Carnage. Culture!

Brad, as you can see, is still working his greaser gangster vibe. Angelina on the other hand, well, she looks like sh-t. Clammy in the face, dark circles under the eyes, not helped by the smudged eyeliner, almost like she has the flu. Or a baby.

Earlier this week, several pieces from the Jolie’s new line of jewellery in collaboration with Robert Procop were presented at a gallery in Beverly Hills. Proceeds from the sale of her designs will benefit the Education Partnership for Children in Conflict. I’ve attached a few shots below.

I know nothing about jewels and am seldom interested in precious stones etc. It’s perhaps a reaction to my mother who is addicted to them. Even when she’s sick, can barely stand, she’ll take out a few of her favourite pieces, her newest diamonds and fondle them affectionately like old friends. I think they give her the will to live, perhaps more than my father and me. I’d bring a few rings and sh-t down to the hospital with her now to lift her spirits but then she’d just end up accusing a nurse of stealing something.

So anyway maybe I’m way off, given my inexperience in the matter, when I say that the Jolie’s creations remind me of Cleopatra. Too obvious?

Photos from Ryan Miller/GABRIEL BOUYS/