Interrupting Oscar wrap-up to fill you in the much hyped Pitt/Aniston showdown Saturday at the Night Before Oscar party.

Didn’t happen.

Because the Pitts bailed. They spent a few hours at the Spirit Awards and then decided not to bother with the rest. Their absence can certainly be explained away by graciousness – perhaps it was kind of them not to flaunt the Second Coming in Jennifer’s face, perhaps they wanted to show some sensitivity, and you know I worship the Pitts and will always buy what they’re selling but it’s never easy with these two. There are never accidents either.

Consider this – Jennifer Aniston’s backstory is self explanatory. But when I was at the Beverly Hills Hotel that night, I also saw Ben Harper and Laura Dern. Very attractive in that arty New Mexico kinda way.

Of course you remember Laura Dern, right? Laura Dern was with Billy Bob when Angie crashed into him in an elevator and gave him her blood.

Laura Dern and Jennifer Aniston are friends. Which would have meant 2 adversaries in one room. Now girl to girl, you know that you don’t walk into a situation like that without your backup.

But given that Gwen Stefani was unavailable and it probably wasn’t Mariane Pearl’s scene, it’s not so surprising that Angie opted to stay home. Or maybe she was just tired…

Do you think she was just tired?

More photos attached of the Chosen’s One’s future sibling at the Spirit Awards on Saturday. Angelina was so gorgeous that night it’s sick.