We might be getting Brange pictures every few days or so during this World War Z press tour. After the premiere in London on Sunday, Brange was in Paris last night to promote the movie. I heard there was no junket for this film which was why there was such a high concentration of media -- even more so than usual -- for the UK event. And if that’s the case, if there really is no junket, these carpets become even more important for the marketing.

So here they are at work, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, both in black. Her suit is custom Saint Laurent. It may be the best thing I’ve seen from Hedi Slimane since he took over. I love it. She looks so good in that fit. A little androgynous, and very, very stylish ...for a change. When was the last time we called the Jolie “stylish”? What’s especially brilliant about this outfit is that while it’s totally fashionable, at the same time it holds back to complement that amazing face. There it is, right? That crazy, ridiculously beautiful face.

This was the second Saint Laurent for her as she also wore the label in London. I wonder how Donatella feels about this.

Today is the Jolie’s birthday. She’s 38. She says she’s feeling great after her double mastectomy. On the subject of Angelina’s BRCA1gene mutation, my friend Amy Verner wrote a wonderful piece about her own experience with the diagnosis in The Globe & Mail that was published this weekend. Click here to read Amy’s article.