Angelina Jolie arrived holding the Chosen One to resume work on Wanted in Chicago but only after celebrating Maddox’s 6th birthday at the weekend dressed in camouflage with matching face paint. Am jealous. My parties always involved cheap Chinese relatives who made a habit of re-gifting lame presents. One year my cousin Cat and I both received globes. WTF???

Anyway, as you can see, the Family Pitt is in tact. Love the one with Angelina holding Pax lying down on a lawn chair. And of course Brad the party dad zooming around with his boy. Word is he was livid last week at tabloid speculation over who would get to keep Shiloh, especially right before Maddox’s birthday. Not because the story was full of sh-t or because of break up reports but because of what he said to a source was the “irresponsible” emphasis placed on his biological child, to the point where Maddox, Pax, and Zahara are only just referred to as “the others”, that he would actually focus on custody of the Chosen One above all.

As for the family’s Chicago stay – apparently they’re ensconced in the same hotel and the same suite as Jennifer Aniston right after the split. See photo of Angelina on set on Tuesday in a black leather jacket. Those extensions actually looks pretty good.  Why is it then that the twats in Hollywood can"t ever find some quality weave?

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