Who wears the pants in the relationship? Not sure.

But who wears the pants better in the relationship? Definitely him.

The Brange in London tonight for a screening of The Changeling. Look at his jeans. Perfect.

Now look at her ugly ass sateen pants pulled up to her nursing bra. Fail.

She rarely looks bad, even when she’s wearing bad clothes. But this… this is a miss.

Can you imagine if Angelina Jolie, with that face, can you imagine how ridiculous she’d be if Cate Blanchett could give her some styling tips?

But who cares? They’re holding hands! Can you hear the Brangelunatic squee?

Do you squee when there’s no porn?

I don’t squee when there’s no porn. Where’s the Pitt Porn???

Also - Angelina getting emotional when discussing her mom at a press conference today. Click here to view. My mom's not a marshmellow, she's more like a bee sting, but I would miss her too.

Photos from Wenn.com and Splashnewsonline.com