What was I juuuuuust saying in the post earlier today about Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux getting married? Celebrity timing. Coincidence or conspiracy.

For 10 years, these three (now four) have been at it, back and forth, back and forth, tit for tat. Today? No difference.

As you know, today we found out about Jen’s wedding. The news goes wide. And, oh look! The first trailer for Brange’s By The Sea, directed by Angelina Jolie - actually Angelina Jolie Pitt now, her official name.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Come on!

This is our first look at the Jolie’s passion project, the kind of film she says she always wants to be a part but rarely gets considered for. It’s the film they shot right after they got married, about a married couple who are not getting along. And they go on holiday. And… smoke a lot?

So far that’s my main takeaway from this preview. Although I did enjoy the part when she’s leaning against the window, smoking, because it reminds of the scene early on in Mr & Mrs Smith, after they’ve slept together the first night, remember?

And then we get into the fights. They’re yelling. She kicks him. She slaps him. And…

I’m pretty sure they have angry sex. When he puts his hands on her face, that looks like a prelude to angry sex.

Overall though, this is a mood movie that’s telling you I’M A MOOD MOVIE. The song. The long shots of just an expression. All that smoke, all those cigarettes…

Not exactly subtle. Which has never been the Jolie’s style. She’s not a subtle person.

Trailer embedded below, and if that doesn’t work, click here.