I reported earlier that Angelina and Brad had put an offer on a house in France according to Us Weekly.

My sources in France however tells me that that’s apparently news to the owners and the guests: “The deal is France is that once you have put an offer on the house to all other potential buyers the house is immediately off the market, sadly this one (at least the one mentioned by Us Weekly) is still on the market.”


Still, local gossips insist that the Pitts are intent on raising the Second Coming in France. Particularly the South of France, and they are looking near Johnny Depp and Vanessa’s place in Provence. Can you f&cking stand it? All four of them in one small town together?

I’d relocate just for them. I totally would. I’d relocate and apply for the nanny position. I’d charm them with my mother’s ancient Chinese parenting secrets: belittling equals respect. Playdates with the Depps & Pitts!

One last note though – why France is such an attractive option: the privacy laws are the strictest. The paps won’t be able to sneak photos of the Chosen One and the Second Coming walking on water with a snarly lawsuit. Vanessa is apparently the queen of threatening lawsuits. Which is why you don’t see pics of her kids very often.

So if Ashton hates the paps, why the f&ck doesn’t he move to France???

From – Angelina in a blue Gerard Darel with the kids in Texas. Love Miss Zahara.

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