Today is the final (official) day of Mid-Autumn Festival. Or Moon Cake Festival. It started on Wednesday when we welcome the full moon. Yesterday we gathered with family. Today we say goodbye to the moon. It’s a big holiday in Chinese culture. As I mentioned earlier this week, it’s like our Thanksgiving. Last night we celebrated with a whole Peking Duck and a lot of pork. For my family, if Mid-Autumn Festival falls on a weekday, we extend it to the weekend for a dimsum gathering. That’s happening tomorrow. My point is that if you were in Hong Kong this week, you’d be balls-deep in festival activity. Which is where we find Angelina Jolie and the Brange twins. Here they are arriving yesterday. 

Brad Pitt was then seen at the airport today. So the Brange, who’ve been apart for a few weeks, are reuniting there this weekend. The Hong Kong media is losing its sh-t. Maybe they’ll conceive a new baby there. Mid-Autumn Festival, with its moon association, is a fertile holiday. If Super Typhoon Usagi doesn’t get in the way. You want to test the power of the Brange? Can the Brange stare down a tropical storm?


(Thanks Maya!)