Well…not quite. After all, his parents were there. So they toned down the gropes and dialed up the smiles.

Damn. The Brange is campaigning HARD for this one.

Last night, LA premiere of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Big grins on the red carpet, lots of family love, finally dismissing rumours of a rift between the parent Pitts and the Jolie, all in service of Brad’s Oscar hopeful. Golden Globes nominations will be announced this Thursday. We are in the thick of the fight, gossips. And my baby Slumdog Millionaire is surging hard in the Best Picture category. Squee!!! Benjamin Button needs momentum.

So the Brange, they did their best to deliver.

Angelina was downright exuberant last night. Happy, giddy even, and beautiful yes, even with that weird waxy sheen she’s been rockin’ on her face lately, and that dress that made her bulgy in awkward places.

Am told the two were very loving and affectionate, lots of little giggles in between poses, long meaningful glances, he’d rub the small of her back now and again like a habit, they’d both make sure everyone was watching.

Turn up the sales pitch, it’s time to sell.

Benjamin Button opens Christmas Day. Have you seen the new tv spots? They were smart to change up the music, give it that sly sexy feel, focus on Brad and Cate. The reviews have been outstanding. And, as far as I know, no super sad dog scenes.

For that reason alone, Benjamin Button > Marley

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