Angelina Jolie is in New York promoting In The Land Of Blood and Honey. She was making the publicity rounds today and also found time to hang out with her common law mother-in-law (is this what we call it?), Jane Pitt. For years we’ve been told by the tabloids that Jane hates Angie and has been scheming to get Jennifer Aniston back in her place.

Well, take a look...

Brad’s not around and Mrs Pitt has her hand hooked into the Jolie’s arm. They’re touching. They’re close. They’re comfortable. They’re smiling. They’re happy.

How’s this?

Suggested headline for Star Magazine:

Brad’s mom forced to be nice to Angie, otherwise she’s withholding the grandkids!

It’s a hard sell, isn’t it?

Angie knows that would be a hard sell. Look at her face. That’s triumph is what they call it: take a look World, Brad’s mom loves me.