You know, I never thought Angelina Jolie was be a dressing gown kind of woman. My Angelina Jolie sleeps naked. Having said that, in my Jolie fantasies, she never has to worry about propriety while holding her children out in public on a balcony announcing to the world that relations are solid between her and her in-laws.

The Parent Pitts are in Venice. Apparently they were called in for babysitting duty on the Holy Twins while Brange took the other four to France for the weekend. Now everyone is at home, and Angie and Brad’s ma were photographed out with Vivienne and Knox Leon looking out at the peons. Angie looks like she just rolled out of bed. She had a night shoot with Depp on Tuesday. Am also attaching photos of KL with his grandparents from earlier this week. He really likes it out there. I really like his little heart shaped mouth. Or should I say their heart shaped mouth. Vivs has one too.

Needless to say, the tabloids are probably rather pissy about these pictures. Their theory, as you know, was that the Parent Pitts aren’t keen on Angelina. And that they still want a reconciliation with Aniston. Venice in fact has been a massive rumour busting trip for the Brange. They have been very diligent about reinforcing their brand and their message: we want you think we are together. I think it’s time for some Pitt Porn. It’s been too long. Maybe Cannes. They always seem to get horny in the French Riviera.

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