Because Dr Sussman is the best obstetrician ever in the history of obstetrics! Dr Sussman of course is the man who delivered the Holy Twins on Saturday in Nice. He’s also been the star of several press conferences and even now, now that the double deities have arrived, Dr Sussman is STILL talking.

Yesterday Dr Sussman spoke with the Jewish Journal – he says the twins are “so cute” and that bringing the two blessed babies into the world was no easy feat:

"It was not an easy operation – a second cesarean with twins is difficult – but it went perfectly. The delivery was very emotional and exceptional as Ms. Jolie is a superstar, but I think that it happened on Shabbat [Saturday] made it that much more moving. Jolie and Pitt were always laughing and having a good time together, even during the birth operation.”

Maybe it’s a translation issue but what does Ms Jolie being a “superstar” have to do with the delivery being emotional and exceptional?

Do celebrities dramatise their births?

Dr Sussman also revealed that he was recruited as the Pitts’ obstetrician many months ago, that it was no last minute decision.

The article is actually an interesting profile of the man who delivered the first twins in the history of all twins. His son is an accomplished violinist and studies with Itzhak Perlman.

But let’s be honest. You’d rather hear more about the Brange, non?

One interesting new piece of information revealed in this article – she only had two bodyguards with her at the hospital to protect her from paps and Brangelunatics. Dr Sussman said that was nothing compared to some Russian patient he’s had who came in with a security team of 19.

So will Dr Sussman be invited into the Pitts’ inner circle?

“I am her doctor; I don’t want to be her friend. We had an excellent rapport. She is so, so nice and never complained about anything. There are negative things sometimes written about her on the Internet, but don’t believe them.” Including the one about her being a heroin addict and needing to detox.