Everybody's all like, Angelina Jolie skipped the MET Gala to promote Maleficent in Paris with Elle Fanning but...when does she ever go to the MET Gala? I’m pretty sure she’s never been to the MET Gala. There are certainly no photos of it from an image search. Will she ever go to the MET Gala? If she ever did show up at the MET Gala, she’d have to be a co-chair. And it would have to be a theme with what she considered more profundity than straight up fashion. Or in support of a designer with whom she has a very, very strong relationship. And Anna Wintour wouldn’t be able to tell her what to do. And God help me, Kanye West’s fiancée wouldn’t be invited.

Anyway, Maleficent is out at the end of the month so the press tour is beginning. This is a good start on style. Look at the Jolie being creative with footwear. How much black will we be seeing? And on what occasions will she choose colour? And on which stops will Brad be joining her? And how many of the children will come out?

Let it build. Not at the beginning. She knows how to work momentum. Always.