An exhausted looking Angelina Jolie continues her Salt European tour with a stop in Berlin today at a photocall ahead of the premiere. Dress is much better than the one from Paris last night but goddamn that fringe, that curled under fringe, that is such a hick ass looking fringe. How can we stop the tucking of the fringe?

In other Jolie news, she and Johnny Depp will be coming to us for the holidays. It was announced yesterday that The Tourist will open on December 10, 2010 as Sony Pictures is hoping to cash in on the Depp-Jolie connection for a share of the holiday box office.

On paper it’s a good movie, obviously. Johnny’s movies have made a lot of money. The Jolie’s movies too. And mashing them together in a romantic spy feature seems an easy sell. I want to see a trailer first.

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