Angelina Jolie, the “rule breaker” covers the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter, the issue that members of the Academy will have during the holiday break. It’s a very strategic, very fortuitously timed release. Because it’s been kinda sh-t for the Jolie the last week or so. But this is the kind of feature that can redirect conversation.

You will note, she’s not doing it alone either. The piece opens, not on Angie, but on the Chosen One, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. Who apparently wants to skateboard in the studio where her mother is being photographed. She does not get permission. She does however give a friendly greeting to a random who walks by.

“Wassup!” says Shiloh, in her hoodie, with a “cocky grin”. And there it is. You wish you could have been there. Later on, Shiloh and Miss Zahara play Clue.

Did they have to be there? In the presence of a journalist from a trade publication? (This happened in November.) Of course not. But why not? She’s promoting a passion project. She’s honouring the life of someone who was very dear to, and dear to Shiloh too. Louis Zamperini – in addition to being a hero for the ages – was also a skateboarder. I read a bio recently that said he only gave it up when he was 81 years old, can you imagine?

Last year, according to this article at PEOPLE, Zamperini gave the Jolie a gold pendant in the shape of a shoe. She’s wearing it in their portrait. A very similar pendant was hanging around Shiloh’s neck at the Unbroken premiere the other night.

Do you believe it more now that she would have been devastated that she missed that event?

This Hollywood Reporter profile does address the chicken pox and also the situation with Sony and those emails going back and forth between Amy Pascal and Scott Rudin. But there are also quotes from Donna Langley and Sherry Lansing, heads of Universal and Paramount respectively, along with Pascal arguably the most powerful women in Hollywood, going on record to praise Angelina for her work ethic, her vision, and her talent.

So the mother side has been covered. The artist side, the professional side is covered. But the rebel side? That’s there too. We all know that nobody represents Angelina Jolie but Angelina Jolie. I wrote about what that looks like when I interviewed her for Maleficent in May – click here for a refresher. The THR article makes a point of mentioning that she doesn’t have a publicist, she no longer works with a manager, and she doesn’t even have an acting agent.

You know, this might be one of the problems…

"I like to work very directly with people. I don't want somebody in the middle. I'd rather speak for myself."

You know what that means? It means no one else is making money off her. No 10% here, no 15% there. No one else is deriving any power from being part of her team. No one else works like that. Not even Brad Pitt works like that. And in Hollywood, that’s basically the entire game. When you opt out of that part of the game, it means no one else is playing it for you… or even with you. That’s just one of the reasons why she’s so interesting, why I enjoy her so much. Lately though, it might also be one of the reasons why it hasn’t gone to plan. Because in a town where everyone exploits everyone else and is willingly exploited in return, she’s decided she just wants to be a taker. And some of them are telling her that’s not the way it goes down. So does she readjust and concede? Or she does she power through it? This is why you watch her. She’s fascinating.

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