Angelina Jolie spent last week in New York promoting Unbroken. The Today Show aired a new interview this morning. Click here to watch the Jolie with Miyavi and Jack O’Connell talk more about the film with Tom Brokaw and Savannah Guthrie.

On Saturday she arrived back in LA with the kids. On Sunday she was photographed with Vivienne. According to photographers, she and V were dropping off one of V’s friends after a playdate. I guess the bird had to come along too. Maybe it’s a new bird and they’re taking it home. I hope so. Because, you know, if it’s not a new bird and the bird had to ride with the kids just because the kids thought it would be hilarious, I’m not sure the bird would have found that hilarious.

In other Jolie news, despite OK but not super great reviews, Unbroken made the AFI List of Best Films of 2014. Notable absence: Gone Girl. Whiplash was a great surprise though. And Nightcrawler continues to generate support. But Gone Girl over Interstellar? I don’t agree. And American Sniper got on there too which… OK, let’s just assume it’s good then because otherwise, otherwise what we have here is that any time Clint Eastwood does anything we have to throw statues at him.