Angelina Jolie and all 6 children were photographed at LAX yesterday on their way to Australia where she’s supposed to begin directing Unbroken. Do they book out the entire first class cabin? Or were there other first class passengers allowed on? Would it bother you less if it was Shiloh the Chosen One running up and down the aisles?

I have a friend who was in an aisle seat – in economy – on a flight once when a child, maybe 6, started walking up and down bothering the other passengers. Sometimes he would just talk to them, sometimes he would get aggressive with their belongings. The mother sat in the back, not doing anything, expecting everyone else to be charmed by the cuteness of her kid. A kid can be cute but, you know, it doesn’t mean people have to interact with it, you know?

By the time the boy approached my friend, the general feeling on board was that this child was a nuisance. So here’s how my friend answered when Little Johnny opened up the conversation, hello sir, who are you and where are you going?

“I’m the thing that lives underneath your bed that you can hear every night.”

This is funny to me. Like, really, really funny. So that makes me a c-nt, right?

Anyway, I’m sure Shiloh is a very experienced, well-behaved traveller. It’s Vivienne, with the Jolie’s hand gripped around her wrist, who might be have inherited her older sister’s naughty streak. Or maybe Knox. Those are some bratty eyes.

The gala premiere for 12 Years A Slave is tomorrow at TIFF. Though the Jolie is capable of almost anything, that’s not a lot time to turn around and fly back from Australia to Toronto just to join Brad Pitt on the carpet. Pitt’s attendance has not been “officially officially” confirmed by the festival but given that he’s a producer on the film, and stars in it, and that it’s being pushed for Oscar, especially after being so warmly received in Telluride, I can’t imagine he’s not coming. Which means…

No Pitt Porn at TIFF 2013?