So she came. And originally it wasn’t clear, at least not what was initially communicated logistically to assembled media and the assumption that was eventually was accepted was that Angelina Jolie decided that she would forgo the press portion and focus instead on the fans and the panel. And she did. And went bananas for it. And they were buzzing about it all morning at the convention centre and it was a final push for Salt, opening today, for what will be a very interesting box office battle this weekend considering Inception is still buzzing hard after its first week.

She looked tired. She certainly wasn’t as spectacular as she was on Monday when her glow was exponentially increased by the Pitt Porn. Those legs, they are painfully skiiiinny. But she doesn’t look like she’s about to fall down or break. She strides like someone a lot more substantial. It’s hard to explain except to say you don’t look at the Jolie and think to yourself that woman is frail and malnourished, almost as though she defies sympathy or even...worry. She’s the last person you need to worry about. Does that make sense?

No, it wasn’t her best showing. Sure the lighting was terrible, but there was that weird waxy film on her face that I’ve complained about before, like bad moisturiser, and, as just noted, an obvious lack of sleep resulting in a sub-par Jolie who, frankly, looked like sh-t.

But HER sh-t. Because as we were saying to each other immediately afterwards, HER sh-t is not our sh-t. My sh-t is an affront to everything that’s good in the world. My sh-t right now, at 4am, is something so horrific, sometimes I can’t believe he married me. The Jolie’s sh-t is still mesmerising. You can’t take your eyes off of her. Some dude had binoculars on her from the back of the room. I overheard a photographer repeating “yeah, yeah” as he was looking at her through his lens but not shooting. Pervy totally. But also kind of amazing. It’s almost, not quite but almost, more enjoyable watching people watch her as it is to just watch her.

A lot of it of course has to do with how she commands an audience, certainly. But there’s something about the way she speaks too. It’s like she’s.... licking you. And when she smiles it’s ridiculous. Dylan is always my best gauge for celebrities since he’s been shooting for so long and doesn’t tend to whip it out for just anyone and while Angelina Jolie is not one of his favourites, he did concede that what she gives is something not common. That she stirs it in a way that few can match.

As for what she actually said – nothing really of substance other than more details about the movie and her character, whatever. Unless you’re a Brangelunatic it was nothing to jerk off over. And then she was gone. That business, the business of the Jolie-Pitts, it’s more stealth than the secret service, worthy of a proper discussion in and of itself. Brange logistics are fascinating to me. It’s a f-cking enterprise.

Oh and one final note – they were bracing for drama and demands, like perhaps of the John Travolta variety (OMG have you read this??? Click here) but the visit apparently went off without incident and I’m told she was extra cool and sweet to the local security and police who followed her around the whole time wanting photos and personal time. Cops can be fangirls too.

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