UK premiere tonight. No Brad, just a half Brange on the carpet looking slightly waxy in the face but so beautiful it’s stupid, even under that fringe. That sh-t is ... in between the mall and the trailer park.

Like you know Alcide’s amazing crazy bitch of an ex girlfriend Debbie in True Blood? And she has that rocker skank from the small nowhere town hairstyle? The Jolie with the fringe isn’t too far off. It’s the rest of her head that saves her.

As for that report that she’ll be playing Marilyn Monroe per earlier, Angelina was asked on the carpet and her response was that it’s simply “a rumour right now”...(source)

So are we talking money here or what?

Maybe it’s weight. I mean, could the Jolie actually Zellweger her body? Is that even possible?

Photos from and and Reimschuessel/ and Gareth Cattermole/CARL DE SOUZA/Dave Hogan/