Only she can get away with dressing like Barbara Walters and still look so beautiful.

Angelina Jolie attended the International Women’s Media Foundation 18th Annual Courage in Journalism Awards last night swimming in a black pantsuit and Louboutin pumps. Still…there’s that face. A face gaunt and tired and maybe even a little queasy from possible pregnancy but still a world class face nonetheless.

Angie presented an award during the ceremony and word is she was warm to reporters on the line, chose only to speak with a select few outlets, and, perhaps wary of what happened last time her team tried to control the media, she firmly but politely refused to answer personal questions, even when several photographers shouted out the baby question several times. This time, no massive security drama and getting into pissing matches with journalists having to sign contracts.

Good move.

As for Brad, apparently he’s thrilled to be back in LA, is loving the stability of their home life, and is especially impressed with studio daycare for Pax and Miss Zahara. Buzz continues to build about the Second Coming …will keep you posted.